Setting up pages layout

Turn on the header for the page, if you want it to be visible. By default header is a page title, but you can edit it.

Tabs, sections and columns

Everything on the page can be dragged-and-dropped!

Adding and configuring components

Drop the components to columns and configure them.

Click Preview the see the resulting page.

Desktop, tablet and mobile views

Each section can contain one or a few columns (which are the containers for components). If there are more than two columns in a section, we can configure how to display them: in a row, or in a column for three views:

  • Mobile. From 0 to 478 px width;

  • Tablet. From 479 px to 768 px width;

  • Desktop. From 768 px and more.

Choose the direction in a section settings:

A component may have its own layout for mobile/tablet/desktop view. Icon in the right-bottom corner shows you which option is applied for the certain column width.

Conditional tabs visibility

Each tab can be set up as visible for certain groups of users:

Conditional sections visibility

In the same way, each section also can be set up as visible for certain groups of users.