Directual Query Language (DQL)

Use advanced search and filtering 🔎
Data structure can contain millions of objects. You can use Directual Query Language (DQL) for searching and filtering them.
Example of applying DQL
Here are some examples of DQL-requests:
Request 42 is a synonym to id = "42" — it finds the object with ID = 42.
(title like "sun" AND year < 1950) OR is_good = "true"— finds objects of two groups. First: with titles similar to The Sun also rises or Under the Blood-Red Sun, and with year less than 1950. Plus second: with is_good equals true.
email like "" AND name != ""— finds objects with email field similar to [email protected], or [email protected], and with not empty name field.
birth_date <= "2000-04-09T00:00:00"— finds objects with birth_date before 9th April 2000.
Note that all values for comparison must be enclosed in quotes. Numbers can be compared with or without quotes.