TMA (Telegram Mini App)

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What is Telegram Mini Apps (TMA)

Telegram Mini Apps is an open platform for businesses to build and deploy web-apps right into Telegram. Like bots, Mini Apps support seamless authorization.

Directual TMA plugin

Directual TMA plugin allows you to deploy your Directual-based web-app to Telegram, send notifications via bot, and use seamless authorization for your users.

Step 1. Install free TMA plugin from the Marketplace in your Directual app

There are two settings for the TMA plugin:

  • Auto log in. True: authorises users automatically when they open TMA' False: user pushes the button "Log in with Telegram" when open TMA. The latter is used when you want to let your users to authorise in TMA with email, Google, etc.

  • Disable registration. True: user can't log in if there is no WebUser with such an ID. False: the WebUser will be created automatically when user logs in.

If user is signed up with TMA and then wants to log in on the web-browser, he'll need a pair username/password. You can generate the one-time password and send the login credentials to the user in Telegram bot.

Step 2. Deploy your Directual app to Telegram

Open BotFather and create new bot (skip this if you already have a Telegram bot) using command /newbot

Then, deploy your Directual-based app as a webapp to that bot using command /newapp. Follow the BotFather instructions.

Success! Let's test it out! Pay attention, that authentication happens automatically if the user gets to the login page.

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