Schedule triggers

There are two main settings for scheduled scenarios:
  • Autorun option:
    • No autorun;
    • Regular (for example, every hour, or every 15 minutes);
    • Daily (every day in a certain time; for example every day at 9:00 a.m.);
    • Weekly (for example, on Mondays and on Saturdays at 1 p. m.);
    • Monthly (for example on 10th and 20th).
  • Filter for objects;
In Advanced section of App settings you can choose your Time zone — it affects the autorun settings.

Filter for objects

Standard comparison component. Here you can filter the objects from the target structure before they are processed by the scenario. You can use Global constants here as well.

Manual scenario run

If your scenario has 'By crone (schedule)' trigger and is not stopped, you can run it manually by clicking Other actions → Push all objects in scenario