An easy way to gather your data in Google sheets

What is is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows to pull data from various apps to Google Sheets on a set schedule with no coding required.

How to pull data from Directual to Google Sheets using

Step 1. Configure API-endpoint in Directual

Begin by setting up an API endpoint on Directual. Any data exchange with third-party applications in Directual is organized through API endpoints. In the API builder, create a new endpoint where you can select the fields that will be accessible for reading. Additionally, you can set up filtering and sorting options.

Step 2. Install Coupler add-on

Visit the G Suite Marketplace and install the add-on for your Google account. After installation, open Google Spreadsheet, click Add-onsCoupler.ioOpen dashboard.

Step 3. Connect your API-endpoint

In the dashboard, select JSON client as your data source:

Then, paste your API-endpoint URL to the JSON URL. Click 'Show advanced'. You'll find a field 'URL query string' there. Type to that field pageSize: N, where N is a number of objects which Spreadsheet will receive (by default pageSize = 30).

Step 4. Save and run will automatically grab data from Directual API-endpoint (with a certain schedule which you can setup).

If your API-endpoint contains links or arrayLinks, will map the objects to flat table.

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