Web-page builder

Compose your marvellous mobile-friendly web-app πŸ¦„

Directual web-page builder is a way to develop beautiful mobile-friendly web-app in a few minutes.

There are two options of applying Directual web-pages:

  • Using Directual Web-portal;

  • Embedding Directual web-pages into your application (developed traditionally or on other no-code tools).

Web-pages home screen

At the web-pages section you see all the pages of your app.

Portal settings

There are general portal settings:

  • Title. The name of your web-portal. Title is displayed on tab in the browser;

  • Theme. Color scheme, border radius, font families. One from the list;

  • Link to logo picture. Here you have to insert the link to your logo. You can upload it using Directual file storage structure and copy the link from there;

  • Custom domain. You can change the domain from yourapp.directual.app to your custom domain. Feature is available for paid plans;

  • Default security settings

    • Turn on authentication (can be override for each page). If this option is ON, users will be asked to log in before seeing the pages content. If this option is OFF, the portal will be available for non-authorised users;

    • Allow users to sign up. If this option is ON, users will be allowed to sign up.

Page settings

Page settings include:

  • Title. The name of the page in the portal menu;

  • Route. The path of the page;

  • Include to the portal. If you want to use the page as a part of the portal, turn this setting ON. If you are going only to embed the page, turn it OFF;

  • Icon. The icon in the portal menu. Choose icon name form the list;

  • Page security settings. You can override portal's settings. For example, set the page open for public while the whole portal requires authorisation.

Designing a web-page

Drag and drop components to the page. Each page may contain several components, vertically arranged. By clicking on the component preview you open the component settings:

Editing the form component

Adding new page components

Web-page builder is based on Directual Design UI-library. It is open-source. Anyone can contribute and develop the new component for Directual web-page builder.