Create object step

Create object step allows you to create object or to make a link to existing object.

General parameters

  • Choose the data structure, whose object we are going to create.

  • ID of new object

    • Automatic. The unique ID will be created automatically;

    • Manual. You can compose the expression for the ID> For example, it could be todays date, or a combination of other fields (e.g. $D.md5('{{field1}}' + '{{field2}}')) Remember, that length of ID cannot exceed 32 characters.

  • Save ID to the field. Often necessary in case of automatic ID generation.

  • Generating an event (see event model)

If there is an existing object with such an ID, no new object will be created. The link to the existing object will be saved to the field.

Fields mapping

Fill the fields of new object. Similar to edit object step.

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