NEAR Protocol
You could use Near Network in Directual scenarios. We supported mainnet and testnet

Use Near in SDK

DirectualEngine.addEventListener(AppEvents.START, function(context){
var network = "testnet"
var masterAddress = ""
var masterPrivateKey = "ed25519:2zSB....HQfB45"
//get wallet instnace
var wallet = $D.crypto.near.wallet(network, masterAddress, masterPrivateKey)
var balance = wallet.getBalance(); // return balance in NEAR: 188.0431168340027667
wallet.send('address', "0.1") // send 0.1 NEAR on address
//create new wallet from master account
var newWallet = $D.crypto.near.create(network, masterAddress, masterPrivateKey)
//newWallet.address - address
//newWallet.privateKey - key
//send 0.1 Near from main wallet to new wallet address
wallet.send(newWallet.address, "0.1")
//get last transaction liked with it account
return true;

Use Near in scenarios