Synchronous Scenarios

Call and retrieve results 🔁

Synchronous scenarios in Directual are designed for two specific use cases:

  • POST-Requests with a response

  • Invoking a scenario with the Link scenario step (when you have to wait until a linked scenario has completed its exaction.

Note: It's important to be aware that synchronous scenarios operate more slowly than regular scenarios and consume computing resources with a coefficient of 3x.

Any scenario can be run synchronously, regardless of the triggers selected.

Running synchronous scenarios in POST-requests:

To execute a scenario synchronously with a POST-request, you must select it in the API-endpoint settings.

When an API-endpoint is configured with a synchronous scenario, all objects sent via POST-requests (including requests from the form) will be processed within this scenario. The response to the POST-request will include the object after it has been processed in the scenario.

By default, when you link a scenario, it runs asynchronously, allowing the object to progress through the scenario independently. However, if you need the object to wait until the linked scenario has completed, you can call the scenario synchronously. This ensures that the object remains in a holding state until the linked scenario finishes its execution.

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