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An application is a distinct functional unit that includes data structures, scenarios, API endpoints, web pages, etc.

Creating new applications

Click the [+ New app ] button to create and customize your application:

To create an app with a paid plan, you need to add a basic payment method or add funds to your account balance in advance.

Choose the system name wisely — it is the address of your app (for example, yourapp.directual.app), it cannot be changed in the future. But, certainly, you can use your custom domain address.

Using templates

You can create a blank app and build it from scratch, or use one of our free templates. This is a great way to quickly learn the Platform. Some templates require integrations (with email or Telegram) which can be configured right here.

Application settings

Click the "App settings" button on an app card to edit the details:

General settings

  • System name (can't be changed later!)

  • Displayed name

  • Description

  • You can also delete your app from this menu

Adding developers

To add developers to work on an app, you need to create a Team.


There are three different app plans to cater to your specific needs:

1) Startup plan (monthly/yearly)

2) Pro plan (monthly/yearly)

3) Business plan (monthly/yearly)

Hosting region

The option to choose a hosting region is only available with the Pro and Business plans.

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