App management

This is where to start 🚀

Application is a distinct functional unit which includes data structures, scenarios, API endpoints, web pages, etc.

Creating new application

You can add as many apps as you need. Click [ +New app ] button to create and customise your application:

Application editing

Click to "settings" icon on app card to edit app details:

General settings:

  • System name. Can't be changed;

  • App name. Displayed name of the app;

  • Description. What is this app for?

  • App owner. Who can manage the app: delete, add developers.

  • Developers. Who develops this app. App owner can delete users and invite new ones. The quantity of developers is limited by the current billing plan.

Billing settings:

Here you can choose the billing plan and see the status of on-demand resource consumption.

Advanced settings:

  • Choose the color of app card;

  • Choose the time zone of the app;

  • Limit the maximum file upload size.