App management
This is where to start πŸš€
Application is a distinct functional unit which includes data structures, scenarios, API endpoints, web pages, etc.

Creating new application

If you have at least one app on paid plan, you can add as many apps, as you wish. If there is none, you can have up to 5 free apps.
Click [ + New app ] button to create and customise your application:
Choose system name wisely β€” it is the address of your app (like, it cannot be changed in the future. But, certainly, you can use your own domain address.
There is an initial limit of 5 apps per user account. If at least one of your apps in on paid plan, the number of apps is not limited.

Using templates

You can create a blanc app and build it from scratch, or use one of the free templates. That is a great way to get up and running quickly and learn the platform. Some templates require integrations (e.g. with email or Telegram) which can be configured right here.

Application settings

Click to "settings" icon on app card to edit app details:

General settings:

  • System name. Can't be changed;
  • App displayed name.
  • Description. What is this app for?
  • Choose the color of app card;
  • Developers. Who develops this app. App owner can delete users and invite new ones. The quantity of developers is limited by the current billing plan.

Billing settings:

Here you can choose the billing plan and see the status of on-demand resource consumption.

Advanced settings:

  • Choose the time zone of the app;
  • Limit the maximum file upload size.
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