Twilio SMS

What is Twilio?

​Twilio is a communication platform through which you can send text messages (SMS) from Directual. First, you have to create a Twilio account, buy a number and add funds to your account.
Then, you go to your Twilio Console Dashboard and find: ACCOUNT SID, AUTH TOKEN and the Friendly name of the number which you bought.

Sending SMS from Directual through Twilio

On Directual you go to Integrations tab → Other systems and click +New integration. Choose Integration type — Twilio. Then, you fill the form in popup window (insert the parameters from your Twilio Console Dashboard):
Finally, you can send SMS from Directual scenarios, using SMS step. Remember, that you can use Template system here.

Data structure

There is a system data structure with all the information about SMS sent: Root/Integrations/SMS/SMS sent (SmsLog)
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