Directual Event Model

In Directual, events are categorized into two types:

  • Object Creation Event: This event occurs when a new object is created within the platform

  • Object Modification Event: This event takes place when an existing object is altered or modified

Note that object creation and editing can sometimes occur without triggering an event!

Methods of Event Generation:

You can generate events in the following ways:

Manual event generation via platform UI:

When creating or editing an object, you have two options:

  • Save (which generates an event)

  • Save without an event (which saves the changes without generating an event, maintaining silence)

Event generation via scenarios

Within scenarios, there are steps that can create or edit objects. You have the option to enable or disable event generation using the "Generate an event" toggle. By default, this option is turned off.

Event generation via API and Integrations

All the integrations from the catalog create/edit objects and always generate an event.

POST-requests via API generate an event by default. You can turn off event generation using the following query parameter: changeEventForRealChangedData=false, which is true by default.

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