Directual event model

There are two types of events in Directual:

  • An object appeared;

  • An object was changed.

Remember, that object can be created and edited without generating an event.

There are the following options for generating an event.

Generate event manually, from the platform platform UI

On the page of creating/editing an object there are two options: Save (producing an event) or Save without an event (silently)

Generate an event from scenario step

There are steps which can create or edit objects. Those steps have an option "Generate an event". It is turned off by default. If you want to generate and handle an event, turn it on.

Generate event from API and integrations

All the integrations from the catalogue create/edit objects and always generate an event.

POST-requests via API generate an event bu default. You can turn off the event generating using query parameter changeEventForRealChangedData=false, which is true by default.