You can connect your Gmail account to your app and send emails through it.

Installing Gmail plugin

Select an app you wish to add your Gmail account to. Go to the Plugins section. Choose the Gmail plugin and type in your email address and password.


You have to generate an app password within your Google account!

To do this, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login into your Google account

  2. Click on Manage your Google Account

  3. Go to the Security tab - Signing in to Google

  4. Turn ON 2-step verification

  5. Click App passwords

  6. Generate a new password

7. Use the GENERATED PASSWORD and your email address when installing the Plugin.

Sending email from scenarios

Since you installed Gmail plugin, you can use Email step in your scenarios:

Data Structure

You can find a system data structure with all the information about emails sent: Root/Integrations/Email/Sent emails(MailLog)

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