Edit object step

Edit object step allows you to edit current object and objects connected with it via links.

Remember! You cannot combine serial actions with the same field in a single step. You have to create step-by-step chain. It means if you want to increase {{field}} to 5, and then divide it by 10, you should create two separate steps for {{field}} + 5, and then in the second step {{field}} / 10 (don't forget to turn on evaluating the expression for such calculations).

Basic step settings

There can be several fields editing, each includes:

Advanced step settings

Single-thread execution (lock)

The way to avoid collisions while writing to the same field.

  • Lock key (field type of link like {{userID}} or {{ContextVar.userID}});

  • Time of lock in milliseconds;

  • Global lock option (cross-scenario setting)

Generation of an event

Following the event model, editing an object can trigger other scenarios. By default, this step edits an object in "silence mode", but you can turn on the event generation.

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