Regular Expressions

Match patterns and strings!

You can find the full description of RegExp in Wikipedia. This article will provide you with a short cheat sheet of frequently used expressions.

No JS evaluation is needed in regex! Just remember to use '*' after the expression.

rexExp cheat sheet




Matches any character


Matches the preceding pattern element one or more times.


Matches the preceding pattern element zero or one time.


Separates alternate possibilities, A|B = A or B


Matches the beginning of a line or string.


Matches the end of a line or string.

[ ]

Denotes a set of possible character matches. [ABC] = A or B or C


Escapes special characters

Frequently used Regular Expressions


regExp (you can copy-paste them right into Directual)

Check email format


Check particular email domain


Any digit number


Any latin character



.*hello|hi|good morning|good evening|salut.*



Useful service for composing a regular expression:

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