👩‍💻 🧑🏻‍💻 👨‍💻 Are you a development agency or a freelancer? Directual Teams are made for you!

What are Directual Teams for?

Teams is a great feature for:

Building an app in a team of developers

If you need to add several developers to your app, you have to add them to your team first:
Adding a developer to the team
If you add a developer who doesn't have a Directual account, he'll receive an invite vie email.
Then, you need to connect your app and your team (you have to be the owner of the app). it is not necessary to apply Sandbox-plan for the app. And finally, add the developers:
Adding developers to an app
As soon as developers is added to the team, he'll have an access to it from his Directual account.
If you need to change the app's team you'll have to remove all the developers first

Organising business as a development agency

If you are a freelancer or a development agency (have a look at a case of no-code agency on our blog), Team is the very right thing for you, because:
  • You may add your teammates and work on the apps together;
  • You may use fully-functional Sandbox-slots while developing an app without FREE-plan restrictions;
  • You may deliver an app to the client and get an affiliate reward for all the future license payments.

Managing Teams

Creating a Team

Click [+] button on the left side of the screen:
Learn more about Team billing plans

Team member roles

There are three roles in the team:
  • Owner. Pays for the team, can update the team, add sandboxes, add/remove team members.
  • Admin. Can add sandbox-apps, can add/remove developers.
  • Developer. Can participate in team's apps.
Important: only app owner can add developers to the app