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Platform and documentation

Low-code development platform Directual is a tool that empowers you to build back-end for your web- and mobile-applications with minimum of hand-coding. We follow the visual development approach. It means that most of the development can be completed via intuitive visual interface.

For efficient platform using some background skills may be needed:

Note, that all these subjects aren't the rocket science. Having this documentation, lots of video tutorials and the assistance of the community, anyone can manage to become an app development expert!

Should any help or detailed information about Directual features be needed—this documentation will provide you with the answers. Also, check the Directual Academy, where you'll find practical tutorials for learning the platform from scratch.

What kind apps can be built on Directual?

Directual is enterprise-ready, but startup-friendly platform. Thus it can be the best choice for:

  • Developing an MVP (minimum viable product);

  • Launching and growing a startup;

  • Creating business-critical enterprise IT-system.

Explore use cases in the blog.

Feedback and support

Talk to us! Our team is happy to hear your feedback and suggestions on current documentation and the platform. If you spot a mistake, notice something that needs improvement, or have an idea for the new platform feature, do not hesitate to contact us on community forum or via support@directual.com

We hope you enjoy Directual experience!