💙Platform Features

Take a closer look at the essential components of an app 🏗

Here is a top-level diagram of app components (🔵 blue ones are included in Directual, ⚪️ white ones are external):

Modules of the Platform

  • Backend-logic. Real-time and scheduled scenarios (streaming processing) and reports (batch jobs)

  • Role-based access control (identity management). External identity providers can be connected with (Google auth, Facebook auth, Open ID, MetaMask, and WalletConnect)

  • API layer. Including API endpoints and Webhooks

  • Integrations. Any third-party service that has a REST-API. Plus blockchains

  • Web portal. Clear and mobile-friendly web portal. Ideal for admin portals and internal apps

These app parts (if any) can be developed using different platforms or technologies:

  • Custom Web App. Directual can be integrated with various frameworks: React JS, Angular, Vue.js, JQuery, and Vanilla JS. You can also use tools like Webflow, Tilda, Squarespace, etc. Directual web pages can be embedded in any web page. Also, Directual provides a boilerplate for React JS

  • Mobile app: iOS or Android apps can use API methods configured in Directual

  • Other no-code tools (for example, Adalo, Bubble, Draftbit, AppGyver)

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