Let’s figure out what an app is made of πŸ—

Typical app consists of front-end and back-end parts. Here it is the top-level diagram of app's parts:

This can be developed on Directual:

These parts (if there are such) have to be developed using different platforms or technologies:

  • Web-app. There is variety of frameworks that can be integrated with Directual: React JS, Angular, Vue.js, JQuery, Vanilla JS. Or, you can use such site builders as Webflow, Tilda, Squarespace, etc. Directual web-pages can be embedded in any web-page. Also, Directual provides the boilerplate for React JS.

  • Mobile app: iOS or Android app can use API-methods configured on Directual.

  • Third-party systems can be integrated with backend on Directual.