Connect a third party service in a couple of clicks πŸͺ

Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. They have a messageβ€”or payload (in json format)β€”and are sent to a unique URL. You can create such URLs in Directual to receive those messages.

Creating a Webhook URL

Go to API section β†’ Webhooks β†’ + New webhook and enter system name of a new webhook. Then, you can copy the URL and use it connecting third party services.

Dealing with incoming messages

Wf you create a new webhook, data structure for it is created automatically in Integrations/Webhooks/ folder. The first object is created by Directual itself β€” that one is for test purposes.

There are the following fields in webhook data structure:

  • id β€” usual unique field

  • body, headers, urlData β€” fields in JSON format. One or a few of them contain data (depending on a specific third party service).

​Learn how to parse JSON data.​