Developing plugins

πŸͺšUnlimited extension possibilities

Go to home page β†’ My plugins to develop a plugin.

General settings

General plugin settings like name, description, list of categories, header image.

Instructions should include step-by-step description of using a plugin (e.g. how to get api key or handle the api-response). Instructions are displayed in a plugin modal window (see screenshot below).

Shared Parameters

Shared parameters are set by a user while installing a plugin.

One shared parameter β€” apikey

Scenario steps

Currently, steps in a plugin are wrapped HTTP-request steps.

You can add as many scenario steps to a plugin as you like. Each step contains the following settings:

  • Step appearance. Name and icons (use the templates)

  • Step params. Data to be entered in the step.

  • API call. The parameters of API call, which may include both Shared params and Step params.


under development...

Status & Actions

Apps, where the plugin is available β€” apps' system names, comma separated. Use that setting for using unpublished plugins.