Weather Forecast app

App idea

Create a form, which provides a user with a current weather data in a certain city. App utilises the plugin for connection with OpenWeatherMap.

Development process

Step 1. Connect plugin

Go to plugins page and connect Open Weather plugin (follow the instructions in the plugin.)

Step 2. Configure data structure

Go to database section, create new data structure with the following fields:

Step 3. Configure API-endpoint

Go to API section, Endpoints, create an endpoint with the following settings:

Step 4. Build the scenario

Create the following scenario:
Start step settings:
Note, that we keep trigger setting blank ("Run scenario by"), because we are going to run the scenario synchronically.
Plugin step settings:
Edit object steps settings:
Left: parse JSON response. Right: compose result message
Don't forget to Publish and to Run the scenario

Step 5. Add the scenario to the endpoint as "calling synchronically"

Go to the endpoint and set this:

Step 5. Create and configure a web-form

Go to Web-pages section, create a new page, add Form component. Settings are the following: