What is Mandrill?

​Mandrill is a transactional email platform from Mailchimp. Transactional email is a method of communication with a customer in which messages are sent after a specific action has occurred. For instance, we can send emails to alert about success transaction, or to remind about a deadline.

Sending emails from Directual through Mandrill

First, you need a Mailchimp account with Mandrill add-on. Then, you have to go to Mandrill settings, add and verify your sending domain (For example, if you want to send emails from [email protected], you have to verify that is yours). Finally, you generate new API key in Settingsβ†’SMPT & API info.
To connect Directual with Mandrill gate you go to your Directual app, Integrations tab. Thenβ€”Email settings and click 'New gate':

Data structure

There is a system data structure with all the information about emails sent: Root/Integrations/Email/Sent emails(MailLog)
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